The National Fire Protection Association, in regulation NFPA 80, requires at least an annual rolling fire door inspection. Cities and towns in the Janesville WI area may have additional requirements as well. The NFPA has a three-part process: The door must be inspected by a certified technician and tested for

Rolling Fire Door Inspection – Not Just A Good Idea, It’s The Law

All four versions of Clopay’s Coachman garage doors deliver the charm of wood and the practicality of steel. Each is crafted from multiple layers of durable, low-maintenance steel plus a layer of insulation. In addition, each is topped by a wood grain textured composite overlay. When you want to add

Coachman® Garage Doors – Steel Doors That Look Like Wood

A “Smart” garage door opener brings 21st century technology to what has become the No. 1 point of entry for many Janesville WI homes. Is your garage door the “front door” most of the time? When it is, making as safe and secure as possible is a wise move and

Upgrade Your Home With A Smart Garage Door Opener

When you want visitors and passersby to notice your Janesville area home, a custom-built Timberlane garage door makes a lasting impression. Do guests walk past your garage door without a second glance? Or do they take a moment and think “I really like that garage door!” The Carriage house garage

Custom-built Timberlane Garage Door Create Lasting Impressions

Adding an insulated roll up door to loading locks and garages boosts overall efficiency at each opening. Roll up doors with the added benefit of insulation keep interior work spaces comfortable and employees productive throughout the year. In the Janesville WI area, keeping out winter’s wind chill and blowing snow

Insulated Roll Up Door Boosts Loading Dock Efficiency

Simple things like basic garage door maintenance get overlooked. You have plenty of stress in your life so why add a garage door failure to the list? When winter weather hits Janesville WI and makes you uncomfortable outdoors, your home’s largest moving part is under stress, too. These large mechanical

Schedule Garage Door Maintenance For Winter Peace Of Mind

The Raynor StyleViewTM series of aluminum garage doors is the latest addition to its premium lineup. The rugged doors bring performance and styling to your Janesville WI area home. Aluminum doors fit perfectly with all local styles. On top of modern styling and top-level engineering, they are exceptionally durable and

Raynor StyleView Aluminum Garage Doors

Eden Coast by Raynor provides an upscale, timeless look as one of the new additions to the Raynor Garage Door line of high-end doors. Eden Coast doors provide high-end wood-look carriage-style doors for any Janesville WI home. And, they do it without the upkeep you need for real wood. Eden

Raynor Garage Doors Expands Line With Eden Coast Design

A rugged steel rolling door keeps unwanted elements either in or out, including people, things and the weather. Installing a rolling fire door is a great move to increase the security of people and property. A high-quality steel rolling door protects Janesville WI area facilities, supplies, inventories, documents and staff.

Rolling Fire Door Excels At Protecting People & Property

Modern carriage-style doors mimicking wood give this farm-style house added character and appeal. There?s no doubt the modern family ?front door? is the garage. Become the envy of the neighborhood when you replace a boring door with a custom garage door. With the dozens of styles, finishes and accessories you

Boost Curb Appeal With A Custom Garage Door

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